Real Estate Services

At Long & Foster Real Estate, we want to support you before, during and after your real estate transaction. We are here to provide you with services you will need for the duration of your homeownership, from carpet cleaning and landscaping to roof repair and interior decorating.

Our movers can assist you with local, national or international relocation services, or help to find short term or long term storage. Our online Home Utility Program allows you to change your address, connect your utilities and even order a newspaper subscription all from one website — 24/7 from any computer anywhere in the world for residential addresses across the nation. We are here to assist you whenever you need us for whatever your home may require.


Insurance Services

You need to insure your important purchase, and Long & Foster Insurance Agency can obtain your homeowner’s policy. As a full-service insurance company, we can also obtain your automobile, business liability, and health insurance policies.

Our independent agents work for you, and represent some of the nation’s top insurance companies to provide you with a comprehensive insurance portfolio. We help you find the highest quality protection at the best possible price.

Long & Foster Insurance Agency


Home Services Connections

Our Home Service Connections can help you settle in and maintain your home. Our list of participating home service providers simplifies the task of searching for reputable vendors in your area. From general contractors and cleaning services to interior decorators and moving companies, we offer a full spectrum of home-related products and services to support you, the homeowner.



Home Service Connections


Mortgage Services

Once you and your Long & Foster agent find your new home, let Prosperity Home Mortgage Company finance the purchase for you.

Prosperity Home Mortgage is recognized by The Washington Post as one of the top five lenders in the D.C. metro area and can help you secure the right mortgage for your home. We can also help you with loan pre-approvals and refinancing.


Prosperity Home Mortgage


Settlement Services

You know how you’re going to pay for and protect your new home. Now it’s time to officially become the owner. Long & Foster is proud of our association with our Long & Foster Prestige Partners.

These companies handle the legal issues, paperwork, and funds in your real estate transaction. Whether you’re buying your first home or your retirement dream, they make the process simple and efficient.

Long & Foster Prestige Partners


Home Warranties

Normal wear and tear is expected in any home. When it comes time to repair major items, such as the furnace, plumbing system, or dishwasher, the cost can get expensive. Home warranties repair or replace major appliances and mechanical systems in your home for a fraction of the cost.

Long & Foster works with the finest home warranty companies to save you money and provide you extra peace of mind.

Long & Foster Home Warranty Partners